February 28, 2015 12:30 am
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Our Mission:

Love, Respect and Kindness For All Animals

When a crisis meets awareness the crisis is solved. 

LICK is the first fashion based celebrity online multi-media magazine devoted to pets and their owners. LICK because your Pet is truly your ultimate best friend. 

LICK is a sexy, sometimes bold, but always playful magazine, digital site and event company. LICK focuses on animal loving trendsetters, celebrities, industry insiders, artists, photographers, musicians, designers and the creative community.

LICKS editorial is geared to domestic pets and their relationship with people. Our Mission however is to educate on the power of love, respect, kindness and compassion for All of gods animals. Including the human animal.

LICK targets a wide demographic audience of successful, monied readers from all walks of life with one thing in common: they love animals.

Our readers pets are their extended family and a great source of personal entertainment and general pleasure in their lives. Their animals never talk back, are always happy and appreciative and love them no matter what. Their pets provide an endless supply of love and affection with no expectations. They provide a lick or their version of a kiss for the asking.

LICK Magazine strives to emulate our readers everyday pet experience and take it to the next level. We look to inspire, inform and entertain our readers with stories and content from every area of a pet and persons intertwining life. We look to present the fashionable, sexy and sometimes wild, crazy and outrageous lives of interesting people and their pets.

LICK is dedicated to supporting the leading non profit animal organizations with a percentage of its profits.

We hope you enjoy LICK!

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